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Adapted Karate

This category is for Karate athletes with a Physical, Emotional or Developmental disabilities including, but not limited to, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Paraplegic (wheel-chair), Blind, Deaf, etc. For athletes participating in the Adapted/ Para Division we will need a sign document from their doctor certifying the level of their medical condition: Minor, Moderate, Severe, Profound.

This division is for active duty military, veterans, and first responders who are Karate athletes with a disabilities including, but not limited to, Paraplegic (wheel-chair), Blind, Deaf, Traumatic Brian Injuries etc. For athletes participating in the Heroes and Veterans Division we will need a signed document from their doctor certifying the level of their medical condition: Minor, Moderate, Severe, Profound.


Beginner Level Less than one year of experience.  

Novice Level More than one year, but less than two years of experience.             

Intermediate Level Two years, but less than four years of experience. 

Advanced Level  Four years or more of experience or has a black belt.

Adapted Division Only experience will be based on rank, 4th kyu and below, and 3rd kyu and above.  

Indivual Events

For Athletes under 35 you will be judged using the flag system. For Athletes 35 and up you will be scored.

Team Events

We will schedule team events so athletes will be able to participate in both regular team kata/ kobudo and family team kata/kobudo. For team kata/ kobudo the age of the team is based on the age of the oldest member of the team. Team are allowed to be mixed gender.

Team Kata/ Team Kobudo age brackets:






If you elected to compete on a team outside your age bracket, or you choose to be a part of multiple teams, we cannot be responsible for scheduling conflicts. If you create a scheduling conflict, we will not be able to hold a division until you finish your other division.

I hereby for myself, my executor(s), my heirs, forever and always agree to save and hold harmless the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States and all of its officers, referees, judges, volunteers, workers, members, tournament director, tournament promoter, tournament employees, the facility owners, their respective officers, agents, successors, and anyone else involved in the conduct of this karate tournament for any liability or injury I may sustain by way of traveling to and from, participating in, or other direct or indirect involvement in the AAU/USA Karate Tournament that I have entered. In addition, I hereby for now and forever, accept any and all responsibilities for any actions in conjunction with the AAU/USA Karate Tournament and the traveling to or from or participating in said event. Finally, I agree to allow, without compensation, the use of any photographs, films, or videotape of myself.

By entering this competition I waive any copyright claims I may have for videos submitted with my registration, and grant permission to the AAU/USA Karate program to use the videos.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present and where you maybe filming your entry video. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, participants with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By participating in this event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to the exposure to COVID-19.


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